Instructor Spotlight: Lauren

twirly_pole_mama April 18, 2022 0 comments 0

How great is this lineup of instructors at Twirly Studios??  

Meet Lauren, who is currently teaching Pole Basics and Fundamentals of Pole for our beginner students. Her favorite thing about being a pole instructor is getting students started in their pole journey and seeing their strength and confidence grow.

Lauren’s cross training routine includes stroller barre with her baby and running with her 9-year-old lab mix, Milou. On the pole, Lauren loves making shapes on spin pole, especially anything from a brass. Off the pole, Lauren loves to cook, bake, and get outdoors with her family. She also loves coffee, charcuterie boards, Disneyland, and summertime.

The pronouns she prefers are she/her, and you’ll find her in studio on Tuesday evenings and subs regularly so look for her on the schedule!

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