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FRIDAY MAY 20, 2022 6:30pm with Mikey

Learn the ‘Chopper’, Traditional Invert, and the Shoulder Mount Invert for once and for all – and learn them right the first time! If you are unable to identify the differences between a Chopper and an Invert, you will absolutely benefit from this training! We have been teaching inversions for over 20 years, offering the most effective method for helping students learn these fundamentally important aerial elements in the most successful way! You will learn the proper hand placement, correct grip, use of fulcrums, lateral breathing, and proper position of your pelvis to maximize abdominal strength of the pelvic floor (the powerhouse for Inverts!) in these very important basal tricks! Students will never need a “kick-up” by using our method! And because our method is so effective, your Aerial Inverts will also be easy! By the end of this workshop, inverts will be clean and professional, powerful, and technique-driven! Aerial and floor exercises will be taught to help improve these two elements so that it always looks effortless – the goal of pole dancing!

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