Heels Tricks

New to exotic technique? New to wearing heels? Not new but want a challenge and work on your flow and strength? Well youโ€™re in the right place! Heels not necessary but recommended. Knee pads and layers necessary.ย 

**Poles will be shared**

In this class we will work on a short flow and a heels based tricks. We will focus on learning and perfecting the techniques needed to be comfortable moving and dancing in heels. Things like box work, ankle strengthening, kip technique and flowing movements will be focuses.

This is an all levels class, although having a few heels classes will benefit you immensely. Moves will have modifications so great for the beginner and experienced dancer alike!

Russian Style Flow

What is Russian Flow? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ This style of heels dance incorporates ballet style lines and smooth flow around the pole to deep bass music. Heels not required but recommended, knee pads required.

In this pole choreography class we will work on a piece of choreography and really get it into our bodies!! ๐Ÿ There will be modifications to the movements to fit many levels, but some pole experience/heel work is required for the best experience.