Classes FAQ

Pole conditioning and choreography classes are available.

We are deeply committed to supporting our dance community, offering by offering several options for conditioning, choreography and dance classes.

With so many options, it’s easy to choose one that’s right for you, today… and another tomorrow.

Virtual Sessions

A variety of classes will continue to be offered online for you train at your pace, and at your place. We encouraged virtual options to maintain a regular routine even when you can’t make it into the studio or when classes onsite are already full.

  • Register ahead, and an email with a link to the zoom session will be sent 1 hour prior to class
  • Register last minute and the email will be sent right away to join in
  • A warning will display that the class is being recorded. If you don’t want to appear on the video, please mute your microphone and use the chat to post any questions to the class.
  • As soon as the class is over, and the recording has processed, an email with the link will be sent to you to use for practice over the next week.

Onsite classes

The State/County/City restrictions now allow classes onsite, there will only be 6 students per studio for spacing until all staff is comfortable holding classes at full capacity. What to expect:

  • Floors & poles are cleaned prior to each class
  • Check-in with temperature check on entry
  • Sanitizer, alcohol spray & clean towel provided
  • 12″ x 12″ cubby provided for belongings
  • Knee-pads, shoes, hand grip are not provided
  • Masks will be worn throughout session
  • Limited hand’s on spotting so use of safety ‘crash’ pad is encouraged for training & new tricks
  • Floor work within designated space
  • Students asked not to share accessories
  • Students are asked to wipe down pole, crash pads and put bottle in sanitization station along with towel prior to getting ready to leave

Aerial & Pole Play

Want to take one of the online classes or workshops, but don’t have a pole of your own? Want time to practice? This option is for you! Our out-of-area instructors are never out-of-reach. Sign-up to use one of our studio poles, and a large TV monitor will be provided for access to the class via Zoom. See onsite student experience same as listed above.

For any questions, please call or message us at 925-222-5017 or email

In a way SIP was a blessing in disguise because you wouldn’t have had the time or space to revamp the studio so amazingly…


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